Hello everyone, welcome to Checkmate Techs official website. Checkmate Techs comprising of a Computer Scientist who is a verified white hat hacker on underground market for Western Union Transfers, PayPal Transfers, Bank Transfers, Dumps with pin cards. To hire the services of Checkmate Techs, contact information is on top of this page. Hence, here’s contact information(Contact only; Email: checkmatehackers@gmail.com, WhatsApp: +18573099770).

Now read carefully to understand the process of getting Western Union Transfer;
1. What do you need to provide in order to process a Western Union Transfer? You will need the following;
[1.]First Name [2.]Last Name [3.]City [4.]Receiver’s Country

2. What you will receive in order to cash out successfully;
[1.]Sender’s Information [2.]MTCN Code [3.]Secret Questions & Answers(in case, you’re cashing out without I.D)

3. Do you have to show I.D at Western Union Locations?
[1.]Yes for most countries [2.]NO,if they do not require I.D, you can use Secret Q/As.

4. Do you have to pick up money in person?
Well, that’s mandatory for Western Union pick up procedure.

5. Is it a 100% safe?
Well, i will give a 99% to that, okay let’s make that a 100%. With the way i run my transfers, i do transfers once in 10days to keep both of us safe and make sure we have a long-term business relationship.

6. What are the available prices and amounts to pay for and receive?


Premium Intermediate Packages

$300 $6000 2 MTCNs OF $3,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$500 $10,000 3 MTCNs OF $3,000 & 1 MTCN OF $1,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$700 $15,000 5 MTCNs OF $3,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$800 $20,000 5 MTCNs OF $3,000 + 1 MTCN of $2,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT

Gold Expert Packages

$1,000 $30,000 10 MTCNs OF $3,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$1,500 38,000 12 MTCNs OF $3,000 & 1 MTCN of $2,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT 
$2,500 $45,000 15 MTCNs OF $3,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$3,500 $60,000 20 MTCNs OF $3,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT

Platinum Elite Packages

$4,500 $70,000 23 MTCNs OF $3000 & 1 MTCN OF $1,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$5,500 $80,000 26 MTCNs OF $3000, 1 MTCN of $2,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT
$7,000 $100,000 33 MTCNs OF $3,000, 1 MTCN of $1,000 + ALL INFO FOR CASH OUT 

7. What medium can you make your order price payments i.e what payment methods do I accept?
[1.]BITCOINS. We accept payments through Bitcoins(If you do not have a bitcoin wallet or confused about how to go about it, which you shouldn’t be, then i can tell you how you can get your own BITCOIN WALLET in minutes). [2.] WESTERN UNION. We also accept payments through Western Union. [3.] MONEY GRAM. We also accept payments through MoneyGram. For clients in blacklist countries, you can also contact us. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive all details in your email address, and be able to go to the nearest WU agent locations and cash out in the next 45mins to 1 hour.

9. How do i know my country is eligible to receive this service?
As far as your country has WESTERN UNION, the your country is eligible or this service. However, you could check for your country on their site, westernunion.com.


1. Checkmate Techs sell only one data pack of dumps with pin cards US or UK(track 1 + track 2). Valid rate>95%. Free change or refund if any data or card doesn’t work on time.
[1.]5 data cards cost $300
[2.]Balance of each dumps is around $4,000 to $10,000.

2. Price of Dumps with pin data. For the physical cards, please bears additional $50 per package for shipping cost. Shipping normally takes 3-5days to receive.
[1.]5 physical cards: $350
[2.]Each card can withdraw approximately from $500 to $1,500 per day.

3. SHIPPING: shipping is through Fedex, DHL delivery is between 2-3 working days to UK, US.



Availabile 24/7.
Contact only; Email: checkmatehackers@gmail.com WhatsApp: +18573099770

108 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Thanks for getting me $8000. This has been one of my best weekends so far.


  2. Hey Checkmate, I was able to cash out the $5K in St. Louis. Imma need your services soon enough, tho am on the road heading to NC. Thanks for everything


  3. Just received $30K in my bank account 4hours ago. I’m really shook right now, this is gonna help take my daughter back. You don’t know what this means to me, thank you so much. I’m grateful


  4. Just cashed out my first $10,000. Thank you so much Checkmate Techs for this


  5. Am so fulfilled right now. Don’t even know what to feel anymore, but am very thankful to Checkmate Techs for the hack of $30,000


  6. Really amazing how I got my $15,000. Good to know that you guys respect the honesty of customers. I paid $700 and now I got $15,000. Thank you so much


    1. Your satisfaction is our top priority Zayn


  7. Hello there, i came across your site online while reading a testimony of someone who got a bank transfer of $35,000. Please can you tell me more about this? I need $15,000. I am sending an email now. Thanks


    1. We received your email. We are happy to receive your request.


  8. Wow, my God, i received the $15,000, thank you so much checkmate techs, you are the best


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